How To Cut Curly Hair? Curly Hair Hacks

how to cut curly hair

Cutting straight or curly hair tends to work out best when it is allowed to grow long. It is because longer hair typically weighs down on the curls, creating more “puff” on top of your head. However, curly hair does seem to look great short, as long as you get the right cut.

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Steps on How to Cut Curly Hair:

Cut the Layers:

The first step is cutting your hair in several layers, shortening all the natural hairs, and then razing them down in layers. The best tip to keep in mind is shaving or cutting in multiple layers, and then thinning out the hair in certain areas. If you are new to this technique, start with one thick layer to get your fingers used to it, then move on to the next layer until you are satisfied that you have your desired length.

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Trim The Hair Edges:

Next comes trimming the hair’s edges, which will give you control over the way your hair grows. You want to trim the layers evenly, as long as there is some variation from one layer to another. This way, it looks more natural. Keep trimming until it does not interfere with the way the curl grows.

Clear unevenness of Curls:

Once the layers trimmed, you now need to learn how to cut curly hair, because this step will be the most difficult. It would be best if you kept your eyes focused on the ends of the hair. To do this, look at the layers as they go around the crown and try to see if there is any unevenness in where you cut each curl. If there are, trim back one layer and try again.

Use a Hand Comb:

To cut curly hair naturally, use a hand comb to create a neat and straight line in the centre of the head, or even around the perimeter of the hair is curly. Next, make sure to leave about an inch between each curl. If the layers are slightly off-centre, add more to the layers’ front and back to bring them in.

Several Ways to Cut Curly Hair:

There are several ways to cut curly hair, depending on whether it is wet or dry. In wet conditions, use a finger comb to pull the strands in, whereas when cutting dry, use a hair straightener to straighten it, or clippers.

There is a lot more to learn when it comes to learning how to cut curly hair. But the basics are pretty much covered. So if you are trying to learn, start with the basics. It is also a great way to learn how to style your hair and find out how to add highlights and colors! After you learn how to cut curly hair, start on your blow dryer!

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If you haven’t tried how to cut curly hair yet, you should really check it out! This is a versatile way to style your hair and add life to it, so take advantage of it today!

When learning how to cut curly hair, you may want to try using some styling products. The best product to use for this type of hair is a curling iron. As this will give you a straight look and avoid frizzing the curls. It is also good to keep in mind that there is a difference between wet and dry. Which will be a little bit harder to achieve.

Tips on How to Cut Curly Hair:

Once you have mastered how to cut curly hair, you can move onto how to straighten it. With wet hair, try to work in one section at a time. Starting by using a small section and then going to the next and so on. Continue this until you are done with all of the layers.

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The next step to learning how to cut curly hair is to use a wide-tooth comb, a little bit of water, and brush in each section to keep your curls from being tangled together. This will give the curls the chance to grow back into place, without tangling.

Bottom Line:

Remember to make sure that you are working with wet hair. Because you don’t want to mess up your curls and tangle it up with the curl comb. So, remember to use a brush or comb with water and don’t use a hairbrush.

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