How To Condition Your Hair: Hair Conditioner Steps

how to condition or conditioner your hair

Sometimes when we have done shampooing, we have an unmanageable look in our hair. To avoid this, we choose a perfect conditioner according to our hair type. But the question is how to condition your hair to make it work at its best. So, do not fret! We are here to tell you the best practice for how to conditioner hair for hair conditioning.

Steps On How To Condition Or Conditioner Your Hair:

  1. Take Conditioner On Your Hand
  2. Spread It On Your Hands
  3. Use Your Fingers In Your Hair
  4. Let It Sit
  5. Rinse Off Your Conditioner

Wash Your Hair Properly In The Shower Before Condition Your Hair:

Before you condition, you wash your hair properly. Get a flawless guide here: How to Shampoo Hair Properly.

Take Conditioner On Your Hand:

Pour a quarter amount of conditioner or recommend on the packaging on your hand. Also, you can estimate whether the poured conditioner cover your hair or you need more.

Spread it On Your Hands to Condition Your Hair:

Rub conditioner a little so that it is evenly spread on your hands. Use it on the hair ends to condition your hair. Never try to conditioner scalp.

If you have long hair, start conditioning your hair form hair from the nape of your neck to the ends.

Use Your Fingers In Your Hair:

When conditioner applied, use your finger as a wide-tooth comb on your hair. Also, do this on your hair ends.

Let It Sit:

Do not wash your hair immediately. Conditioner requires time to condition your hair. So let it set on your hair for the recommended time. Usually, it is for one minute.

Rinse Off Your Conditioner:

Now its time to rinse off your conditioner. Use an adequate amount of water and do not be harsh your hair during the whole process of condition your hair.

Did Your Hair Needs Conditioning?

If you have dry hair, you use many hair tools, or hair gets damaged due to pulling back hairstyles in ponytails and headbands then use is a must.

Some Concerns Of Conditioning Your Hair:

If you have an acne problem, try conditioner not to drip on your face. Also, avoid conditioner not interact with eyes or nose.

If you do not have time to wash your hair, using dry shampoo is the soultion. Read our guide How to Dry Shampoo Your Hair: Tips to help you.

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