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Who does not want to learn a simple 3 strand braid hair technique? Of course, everyone because it gives us ultimate relaxation when we tie our hair in a protective hairstyle if you do not know how to Braid technique after seeing video tutorials and others, then don’t fret! DoHairStyles is explaining everything to you!

Tips For Starting Braid Hair

You need to have:

  • A hairbrush or comb
  • An Elastic band

More can add to the list:

  • Some bobby pins, if you have some hair out of your braid because of your hair cut.
  • Hair spray to allow the fuller look on your front head, stay graceful.

How To Simple 3 Strand Braid Hair Step By Step

Step 1: Gather hair

Comb your hair backwards and gather them at the nape of your neck.

Step 2: Make 3 Strand or Sections.

Make sure your hair is all detangled. Make three sections of equal volume that is A, B and C.

Step 3: Cross the Strands With One Another

Cross the “C” in-between “B” and “A”. Now pick “B” and cross in between “C” and “A” for 3 strand braid.

After this, Pick the “A” hair strand and cross in between “C” and “B”. Its time to choose “C” for crossing between “A” and “B”. Now take “B” and crisscross between “A” and “C”.

Three Strand Braid Hair Step by Step
How to 3 Strand Braid- Simple 3 Strand Braid Hair
Pure 3 Strand Braid Hair

Step 4: Tie Your Braid Hair

While repeating step 3, when you reach at the end of your hair, grab an elastic band. Wrap it at the ending point of the braid.

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Bonus Tips:

Give your braid a fuller look by pulling some of your hair lightly. You can do this with the help of your thumb and index finger. Also, make the hair at the front of the head fuller. Tada! Your 3 strand braid hair is ready, go and glam! 

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