Hair Therapy For Men and Women

hair therapy

Unlike traditional hair replacement methods, hair treatment involves using a small device designed to stimulate hair growth. Most modern hair restoration techniques involve the use of lasers. These to kill existing hair and stimulate new growth with hair therapy. Here we discuss the hair therapy for men and women.

As with other types of lasers, however, low-level light also shows to be effective at stimulating hair follicles. That resulting in faster growth of thicker, fuller, and healthier hair.

Leaser Treatment as Hair Therapy:

In laser hair treatment, the physician will first numb the area treat using a numbing cream or gel. Then carefully expose it to a concentrated light beam. After a certain amount of time, the device will deliver a tiny electric pulse that stimulates the hair roots. In some cases, the procedure may require multiple treatments to achieve the desired result.

The procedure typically takes two treatments per week for up to 12 weeks. Because hair growth tends to increase during this time, it may take several months to begin growing back. It can take up to eight to ten weeks for full benefits to appear. Some patients notice an improvement in texture and hair color after a single session.

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Cost of Hair Therapy:

Hair therapy treatments can be expensive. Because the procedure is invasive. Therefore, most clinics require patients to have a credit account to cover the expense. Some patients may also need a second procedure, which can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

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While hair replacement clinics usually offer a full refund on their services, these procedures can become unexpectedly costly. Additionally, not every clinic offers all hair replacement treatments.

Hair Therapy for Women:

Hair therapy treatment for women is relatively new. With the success of many male patients, many women interested in undergoing the procedure. Recent studies show that approximately 90% of women who seek hair restoration treatments are female.

Hair therapy for men generally involves more of a gentle approach than that of women. Because men’s scalps are not exposing to as much heat as women. There is less concern over side effects and quicker recovery. Most men do not experience any significant discomfort from their treatment.

Leaser Light Treatment as Hair Therapy:

Hair therapy for men can use to reverse male pattern baldness. In this procedure, the physician will also apply laser light to the head’s top. It is to encourage hair growth in the affected area. This method has proven successful for both men and women. It can help reduce baldness by promoting healthy hair growth.

Hair Therapy for Men:

Hair therapy for men also provides a way to treat menopause. Also, prevent further hair loss caused by aging. Because hair growth slows down during this phase of life. Many women choose to utilize hair restoration treatments to prevent further loss.

Hair therapy for men can also provide relief for menopause. This method works by stimulating the scalp. So, that hair is renewing. During the healing period, hair growth will increase naturally. The doctor will monitor the progress of the hair growth process. Hair restoration techniques can use to provide much-needing support for menopausal women during this time.


Hair therapy for men also has benefits for men with balding hair. It can prevent the receding hairline that occurs with age and help promote healthy hair growth.
Hair treatment for men and women also provides physical and emotional support. Especially for those who suffer from hair loss.

In many cases, the loss of hair also can cause stress or psychological factors. Hair restoration allows men and women to feel better about themselves. Because they look younger. And are not burdening by physical appearance.

Bottom Line:

Hair therapy for men and women is not suitable for all. Each individual must determine if the procedure is right for them. Each person must also discuss the pros and cons of the procedure with a qualified physician. Hair replacement procedures maybe a little more expensive than others. But they provide an immediate solution to thinning hair and loss.

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