Dutch Braid- How To Dutch Braid In 5 Easy Steps

Dutch Braid- How To Dutch Braid hair or hairstyle In Easy Steps

You must see the best pictures on hair goals and best-braid hair that people are posting on Instagram and social media platforms. Now you are searching for the best dutch braid tutorial. It looks like you have reached the destination. So without any other talk, let’s straight to the dutch braid hairstyle.

Quick, Simple And Step By Step Guide To Do A Dutch Braid

Did you know? A Dutch braid is also called reverse braid or inside out braid hair. Because it follows the reverse technique of french braid. Wait! If you do not know how to french braid, then forget the above point while making hairstyle, we are explaining everything to you.

It may look like a large passage to you, but it is effortless and explanatory then you are ready to show your hair goals in no time.

Tips To Have An Eye On Before Starting The Dutch Braid

  • When you are starting your hairstyle, and your hair is frizzy and unmanageable, consider using a gel.
  • Take a hair spray to give your hairstyle an unbeatable glamour at the finishing point.
  • Keep your hair tighten while making the dutch braid

Step 1: Make Sections To Start Dutch Braid

Take a brush and comb your hair backwards. Gather some at the crown and make three equal parts that are left, middle and right.

Step 2: Crisscross The Hair Sections

Take the right section of your hair and cross it under the middle section. Now take the left section and cross it under and into the middle.

Again repeat the same by taking the right section under the middle and then left section under the middle.

Step 3: Add More Hair From Left And Right To Dutch Braid Hairstyle

By managing three of hair sections in one hand but separately and with one hand free, start adding hair to your braid hairstyle.

After utilising step 2 till the end and managing braid in one hand, you all hair sections are in the left hand, and right hand is free.

Take hair strand from right side beside of your actual braid hair and add it to the current middle section of your dutch braid. Now cross the right section under the middle section.

Then take hair strand from left and add it to the middle section. Cross the right section under the middle section.

Step 4: Recall The Standard Braid Technique

Repeat it until you reach the nape of your neck. Then apply standard braid technique to your hair strands.

Step 5: Tie Your Dutch Braid

When reaching the end of your hair, stop a little above. Take an elastic band and secure your braid hairstyle.

Let’s Look at the Dutch Braid Tutorial Video

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Finishing Bonus Tips:

To give yourself a sporty and chic look loosen your braid is the right choice after securing it. With the help of your index, fingers and thumb give it the desired volume. Tada! All set, spray on your braid hair to manage it all day long.

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