Dry Hair Causes And How Can You Treat It

When your hair did not get the needed moisture or can’t retain it, then dry and damaged hair developed. When moisture reduces in hair, it results in lowering sheen that makes it look dull and dry. To avoid this, you need to understand the dry hair causes and practice hair care tips to treat it.

In any part of age, you can face dry hair problems, but it mostly developed when you grow older. Sheen and luster is the main factor of anyone’s hair health. Natural oils are the ones to maintain hair moisture and protect the inner layers of hair. Break down of this layer make your hair dry and damaged; it tells the dry hair causes.

Dry Hair Causes

The main dry hair causes are living environment, hair habits, and physical health. Let’s find out

  • Living in a dry and hot climate.
  • Spending a lot of time in the wind and under the sun
  • Often swimming in chlorinated pool water

Treating Dry Hair

Other Hair Habits That Contribute To Dry Hair Causes: Simple Lifestyle changes soothes your hair a lot


  • Using a harsh shampoo
  • Frequent washing of your hair
  • Use of heating tools to style your hair
  • Regular Chemical treatment of hair
  • Regular use of blow dryer


  • Use mild shampoo
  • Do not wash your hair every day
  • Avoid heat styling tool on your hair
  • Avoiding chemical treatment can help you.
  • Use conditioner and moisturizer after washing hair.

Using harsh shampoo frequently, remove the natural oil of your hair, and make it look dry and unhealthy. The use of hair oil, carrier oil, and leave-in conditioner makes your hair soft and lively and avoid dry hair causes.

Wear a hat or scarf when you need to stay for longer in a windy or sunny place. Same as for swimming, it is better to wear a bathing cap before diving into the pool.

If your hair gets dry or damaged because of your medical treatment, ask your doctor, they may suggest your treatment or medication if your hair’s underlying condition improves once your hair gets better.

Dry Hair Causes And How Can You Treat It hair care tips

We can help you to get over your dry hair causes by giving you natural and home remedies to treat it.

Natural Home Remedies:

Hair Care Tips:

Bottom Line

If you think there are some specific dry hair causes, try to avoid it, and use home remedies. If it left untreated, they get more damaged and brittle.  Seeking attention to your doctor may help you.

Tell us what habit leads you to dry hair causes and which remedies remain effective for you.

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