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dandruff treatment - dandruff causes - seborrhea

Dandruff or seborrhea is one of the things that people hate to have around, but there is a proper reason for it. If you have a dry scalp, then there is a maximum chance of getting dandruff in your life. Seborrhea isn’t caused by bad hygiene, but it can be much more apparent when you don’t keep your hair clean regularly. Cold weather and stress can also make seborrhea look worse than before. Let’s know the dandruff treatment and causes.

Dandruff Causes

  1. Dry Scalp
  2. Fungal Infection
  3. Psoriasis
  4. Eczema
  5. Diet
  6. Stress

The most common reason for dandruff is that your scalp gets too dry. To avoid dandruff altogether, you will need to keep your scalp clean, and this means shampooing. Don’t worry much if you are not sure why you are getting seborrhea, follow the advice on this article and see if things get better in a couple of months.

There are many different causes for dandruff, some of these include fungal infections (which can be very serious) and skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and other diseases. Other causes include diet and stress.

Dandruff Treatment

  1. Use Talcum Powder
  2. Use Dandelion and Nettle
  3. Apply mild shampoo
  4. Tea Tree Oil best for dandruff treatment
  5. Blend of lavender, bergamot and rose
  6. Add some zinc oxide to the scalp
  7. Paste from olive oil and honey can help in dandruff treatment
  8. Olive oil and honey

Some seborrhea sufferers have found that using talcum powder can help. It works by making the scalp soft and moist, which helps to prevent seborrhea. If you don’t feel comfortable using talcum powder, then you can use a mixture of warm water and cotton wool as well.

Get The More Details

Another common way to treat seborrhea is to use dandelion and nettle as a seborrhea treatment. These can both be taken orally or applied topically on the scalp. When choosing which method of treatment to use, you need to make sure that you read up on the ingredients as each one can have different properties.

A right dandruff treatment should be gentle. So don’t use any shampoo that has harsh detergents or harsh soaps. {unless you need to. You should also confident that you use the correct amount of shampoo. So that you don’t end up washing out all of the seborrhea without getting it back in the first place. You should also be sure that you drink plenty of water. As it will help to stop any excess moisture from forming on your scalp.

One effective dandruff treatment that works for some people is to use tea tree oil. It works by relaxing the scalp and promoting a healthy scalp.

One effective dandruff treatment that works for others is an organic blend of lavender, bergamot and rose. These all act together to provide the essential oils needed for proper dandruff treatment.

Another right seborrhea treatment is to add some zinc oxide to the scalp, which acts as a natural cleanser. It not only keeps the scalp soft and prevents further outbreaks but also helps to control seborrhea.

For a quick dandruff remedy, you can make a paste from olive oil and honey and then massage into the scalp. Just remember to apply the solution carefully and not to wash your hair too much because excess heat can dry out the scalp causing more dandruff. It will leave your hair looking shiny and healthy, which is always a plus when you want to impress people.

Bottom Line:

To get rid of seborrhea, you must find a dandruff treatment that will work for you. It will help if you look into account factors such as whether you are male or female, how often you get seborrhea and your hygiene and your personal preferences.

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