Bananas for Hair Treatment can Restore Hair Health

bananas for hair treatment and bananas for hair growth

Bananas for hair are a healthy and good-looking remedy for loss of hair. The people of the tropics were known to eat the leaves, stem and fruit of the banana for its vitamin and nutrients. But there is one thing that everyone should know about the bananas for hair treatment and banana for hair growth.

Can Bananas use for Hair Growth Treatment?

In different varieties of fruits, the skin of the banana has a bitter taste. This factor prevents people from trying the fruit out of curiosity. Therefore, the banana for hair treatment should be peeled and then used with care only.

How bananas used for Hair Growth Treatment?

Soaking the banana in warm water before massaging it into the scalp is the most recommended way of using it for hair treatment. A good quality hair loss shampoo is also recommended to restore hair health.

Now the question arises…

How Bananas for Hair used in Better Way?

If you have ripe ones, then it will be beneficial as the skin of the banana is mild and flavorful. The right amount of water is also essential, as this will allow the stem and skin to come out quickly. If you use other varieties of bananas, they might not have that good texture. So you should use only ripe ones for this purpose.

Disadvantages of Banana Hair Mask

The main problem when you are using a banana for hair is that its texture is very strong and causes problems. If you use it with a lot of oil in it, then you will suffer from hair damage. Thus, do not forget to take care of your scalp when you use the banana for hair.

Which Bananas for Hair Growth is Best?

The best way to find out whether the suitable banana for hair treatment is ripe or not is to look at its skin. If it has a dark-brown colour, then it is ripe. However, if the surface is pale, then it is not ripe. Other varieties of bananas also have similar qualities, which means that you can treat a different kind of bananas.

Banana for Hair Benefits

As far as vitamins are concerned, the banana for hair treatment is rich in Vitamin A and B. Besides; they are good sources of magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. These minerals play a vital role in promoting healthy hair. It is important to note that using bananas for hair treatment will help in making the scalp smooth and shiny.

Bottom Line:

The scalp will become softer, and the skin will start producing natural oils. Thus, the hair will look healthy and shiny. Bananas for hair treatment will be a good investment for hair restoration and beauty purposes

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